Andrew Wommack has always maintained that the Gospel should never be withheld from anyone who genuinely desires a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Because of his desire to get the true Gospel to all people regardless of finances Andrew Wommack Ministries Zimbabwe offers free teaching to all through three major resources:


Online access to Andrews full library of teachings for free download at the following location:


The ministry publishes a monthly newsletter and shares it with its partners, students, and other ministry supporters. We encourage you to subscribe to this newsletter so that you are abreast of activities in and around the ministry. The newsletter is distributed through email and print. If we do not have your email, please share it with us so you can receive the newsletter.


The 48 lesson Discipleship Evangelism (DE) course is a summary version of the key teachings that are offered on our life transforming program. This short bible course is offered for FREE to those who cannot afford the bible college fees, or those who feel they need to build up to our degree program. It runs on Saturdays from 9am to 11am every Saturday for 48 Saturdays, except on public holidays.

We offer course candidates the option to be examined after each of the 3 levels of the course. Those who pass all levels participate in the year end graduation ceremony and receive their certificates.

Over the years that we have run the free course we have witnessed such powerful testimonies. People have been healed and freed from various types of bondage. One of the most common comments we hear from course candidates is, “Why have I not heard this?”, or “I have been in Church for so many years and these things have never been taught there”

Below is an outline of the DE course:

Please share the availability of these free resources with friends and family.